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Printers are known for being highly used peripheral device of our workstation/professional surroundings. It gives base to the content of the soft copy placed in the document, page or a file, which is stored on your system by printing it into a hard copy. Hence, choosing a good printer technical support service is vital for the printer, if you don't want to face problems like, printing cancellation issue, sudden breakdown of printer or holding paper more than the usual time or any other printer related issues at peak working hours.


Your printers can perform reliably for many years and thousands of prints, but they often do not. Why is this? Printers might go submit a bewildering array of problems. Luckily, many of them can be solved by consumers armed with some knowledge.

Below, we've listed the most printer annoyances:

  • Printer runs through ink too quickly, and their output quality may be erroneous.
  • Printer can print to a crawl.
  • Printing paper may jam regularly.
  • Printing is too slow.
  • Printouts are unexpectedly light, too spotty, or having horizontal lines.
  • Printer showing error "ink cartridge is empty, replace the cartridge".
  • Wireless printer is too slow.
  • Computer is sending print jobs to the wrong printer.
  • You don't know how to shrink text to fit two pages on one sheet.
  • You don't know how to print from a tablet.
  • A blank sheet is ejected each time you print.

So what can you do? You cannot live with them, cannot nuke them. Truth be known, we need our printers, despite their maddening quirks. If you are having problems with your printer, we have the solution. No matter what the company of printer you are using, here at Geekshore, we determine if the printing issue is occurring in computer or in Notebooks and troubleshoot all sorts of printing issues.

Printer Support Services - What We Offer You?

At Geekshore, we offer comprehensive online printer support services at your convenience. To be more precise, we have summarized a quick look of the various online printer support services offered by us:

  • Services for Printer Set-up, Installation, Un-installation and the upgrade of the software.
  • Services for Installation of Printer Drivers.
  • Services for Troubleshooting and Test Print Confirmation.
  • Services for printer communication errors, out-of-memory error and many others.
  • Services for fixing Printer Carriage Jams and Tray issues.
  • Services for the printer having O.S Compatibility issues.
  • Services for Wire-oriented & Wireless Printer configuration.

The team of Geekshore makes sure that you get solution instantly within right prices, as our experts are passionate about the services offered and let you gratify with the best solution available with regard to the printers problem, which will make it to reach its peak performance. Get benefited with the leading technology of e-support services offered by us @ 24×7×365 with flexible packages customized as per the requirements given.

Printers Technical Support Questions and Answers

If you have any question about your printer? or need more information about printer drivers problem or how to fix it? And other similar questions. These FAQs have been picked by Geekshore tech support to answer such questions about installing of the printer and resolution common problems. Where I can obtain the driver for my printer?

You can download and install the latest software version and drivers from the website of the authorized company of the printer. You can also order the CD and install software updates, patches and utilities.

What is the difference between a full-function driver and a basic driver?

A Basic Feature Driver provides the core functionality needed to run the product. It is composed of no other software that can enhance yield or output of the product. A Full Feature Driver includes complete basic driver functionality plus additional software that can be improved the product's capabilities and overall experience. This is the recommended driver as it becomes available.

What if my printer is not functioning after the installation?

Geekshore has customized support available for your post-installation questions. Call Geekshore toll free 1-855-774-4335 Customer Care for the latest support options specific to your printer. And Geekshore makes sure that you will get solution instantly within connect to our printer tech support.

How I can replace the toner cartridge in a printer?

You can be found an instruction (with diagrams) in the printer manual or toner cartridge box, and sometimes on the underside of the printer cover. If you don't get any printer manual, just give a call at 1-855-774-4335 ( Geekshore Toll Free), and get our extensive printer tech support.

How I can set the default printer?

You go to the Printers instruction menu: Start -> Settings -> Printers. For configuring your default printer, right-click the icon of the desired printer as default. In the popup menu select Set as Default.

My printer does not print. What could be causing this?

A number of things can cause your printer not to print. Such as the printer plugged off, printer isn't online, Ink cartridge, or Toner cartridge empty, the printer paper is not installed correctly, print paper may jam and the printers' memory full or corrupted.

You can get 100% resolution to our tech support through e-mail and phone calls. Of course, if you don't see your question answered here, contact Geekshore technical support 24x7 throughout a day.

Just Give a call at 1-855-774-4335(Toll Free) , and get our extensive Printer Technical Support