Networking & Wi-Fi

Disclaimer:Geekshore is an independent technical support service provider for several 3rd party hardware and software products or brands. Geekshore has no affiliation with any of these 3rd party companies. The services that we offer may also be available on the product or brand owner's website.

If you are looking to create a home network to share printers and routers with your PC's then call us today! Our experts will make home sharing process a cakewalk for you. We provide:

Geekshore Network and Wi-Fi Support include:

Setup and Installation of Home Networks

Our technicians install router and configure settings printer and internet to allow sharing across different computers.

Internet Connection

Whether it is browser setting or help needed to access internet, we can assist you in making your work more enjoyable in matter of minutes.

Troubleshooting and Connectivity Issues

We will repair errors and troubleshooting issues so that you can complete your work trouble free.

Online Network Monitoring

We also monitor your c network including end computing devices and servers to provide optimum performance.

Geekshore Wi-Fi Support include:

  • Set up and installation of Wi-Fi for your home PC or office
  • Fixing all issues related to wireless security
  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi network issues