How It Works

Disclaimer:Geekshore is an independent technical support service provider for several 3rd party hardware and software products or brands. Geekshore has no affiliation with any of these 3rd party companies. The services that we offer may also be available on the product or brand owner's website.

Geekshore offers technical support to troubleshooting and other software related problems that are commonly faced by customers on their devices like Mac book, ipad, computers, android phones, iphone, iPod, etc.

In this world of technology, we are surrounded by gadgets and use them everywhere and every time for business and individual purposes. With constant use of internet on devices, many of us come across common troubleshooting problems and glitches like frozen screen, slow performance, etc. We have a team of technical experts that are trained to solve even the most complex technical problems in matter of minutes.

If you are also facing any kind of technical or software problem with your device then all you need to do is contact us.

Get in touch

You can call us, email or chat with our representative to get in touch with us. You can brief your problem to our representative and they will get you in touch with our technician in shortest possible time.

Fixing the problem

Our technician will diagnose the problem after connecting your computer through our server. He will then search for the root cause of the problem and fixes it. Once the problem is solved, either you or the technician can disconnect the process at any time.


We will provide you with complete details of the service provided to you to rectify the problem. Once you are fully satisfied then we will deduct the amount applicable. You can also choose from our attractive yearly and quarterly packages to enjoy discounted rate of our services. We don't charge you for the communication with our technicians but only when you use any of our product or service.

Our working process is simple and we ensure that our clients are fully satisfied and their problems are addressed successfully. Call us today to know more about our packages.