Disclaimer:Geekshore is an independent technical support service provider for several 3rd party hardware and software products or brands. Geekshore has no affiliation with any of these 3rd party companies. The services that we offer may also be available on the product or brand owner's website.

1. What is GeekShore all about?

GeekShore is the most reliable and renowned online technical support provider that grants technical services to the people of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. We are contriving to provide our technical services globally. The company renders its utmost quality services to the customers of diversity such as, home users, SOHO users, business firms, and large organizations. The services include fixing of software, hardware, and networking issues that prevail in the current computer scenario. We not only provide technical support, but also assist in all types of maintenance, security, and Web services that are essential for running any business.

2. Why should I choose GeekShore?

GeekShore should be chosen for the following reasons: Offer complete satisfaction: We provide complete satisfaction to our customers for the issues that are being fixed. Furnish services at budget: We provide the services at a price, which is under the budget of our customers and users. Create customer's goodwill: We create a goodwill that will make customers our permanent members of our services. Grow services for versatility: We are increasing our services so as to provide completeness in our support & services. Expert technician's support: We have certified technicians that possess knowledge, experience, and passion to fix. Registered partner / reseller: Geekshore has registered partners and is the authorized reseller. To see it for yourself speak to a GeekShore technical support specialist now for clarification. Call 1-855-774-4335

3. What kind of computer support services can I expect from GeekShore?

GeekShore provide the following diverse supports: User Support: We provide support to diverse types of users that may be home users, SOHO users, or office users. Hardware Support: We provide support in installation and care of hardware for its proper and uninterrupted working. Software Support: We provide support in installation, configuration, and usage of all types of latest & legacy software. Network Support: We provide support for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of wireless network devices. Consulting Support: We provide technical support through consulting and diagnosing related to your SOHO business.

4. What computer brands can GeekShore help me with?

We provide comprehensive technical support on HP®, Lenovo®, Dell®, Acer®, ASUS®, Mac®, Toshiba®. We are continuously upgrading our support and services on diverse brands for versatility.

5. What certifications make your technicians the specialists?

All our computer support specialists are certified Experts,Product Specialists, certified Desktop Support Technician A+/ MCP/ MCSE Certified Professionals, and Network Administrators. Every technician is pre-qualified and completes an extensive eight weeks training course on excellent service delivery and offering his expertise in Online support skills. They are also given voice and accent training for better communication.

6. Tell me how GeekShore works?

GeekShore works through the following method: You Access Us: We provide three mode of communication to access us: call, chat, or email. You will get a response. We Connect: We connect to your computer through Online and get access to your screen to provide help & support. We Fix: We fix your computer through step by step procedure of troubleshooting and resolve your computer issues. You Disconnect: We provide you the option to disconnect at your will, but make sure your issues are resolved & fixed.

7. How is Online computer support better than more traditional support options?

Unlike the traditional support option where the technician gives you instructions over the phone, in the Online computer support we take control of your computing device again with your permission and works all by himself and you can see what he is doing and in the end asks you to just restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Apart from this, this support also eliminates the need for you to unplug the computer and take it to any local computer repair shop or have a technician visit your house or work and leave your PC / laptop with them for a couple of days. The Online support gives you instant solutions and you are not without your computer during weekend, holidays etc. saving you precious time and money.

8. Can you render me more details about your Online computer support?

Online support is a means through which a service representative connects temporarily to a user's computer for troubleshooting computer issues. The computers can be present in the diverse corner of the world and are connected Onlinely through the Internet. The representative resolves the issues without directly touching the user's computer through the Online support software such as logmein123 or TeamViewer. The software needs to be installed temporarily in the user's computer, which allows screen sharing and Online control. The user is required to type in the 6 digit pin so that the connection can be granted. Once the Online connection is allowed from the user's end the technician can work on the computer Onlinely and fix computer issues. In addition, users can see the troubleshooting session going on their screen.

9. Take a look at our Online support services:

GeekShore provide the following services which are classified as: Optimization & Management: We provide support for speedup slow computer and management of computer. Virus Protection & Security: We provide support for antivirus, virus, spyware, and adware removal support. Internet & Networking: We provide support for browser, email, printer, outlook, server, router, and wireless network. Branded Computers & Products: We provided support for renowned branded computers and products. Operating System & : We provide support for all types of operating system and Mac o/s.

10. Do you guarantee your work?

At Geekshore, our primary focus is customer satisfaction and that's the reason our plans and policies are made in such a manner to give maximum benefit to customers by giving them timely resolution and 100% quality, which will make our customers come back to us again and again and become our permanent members.

11. Are you 24×7 available?

No, GeekShore provides 8x6 support to its customers for resolving computer issues and glitches. You can call us on our toll free number to get access to our live technicians to satisfy all your computer needs.

12. How can I subscribe for GeekShore?

You can subscribe to us from anywhere, anytime via the company's website www.GeekShore.net or call us on our toll free number 1-855-774-4335 to receive instant diagnosis of your computer at a very nominal fee, or fill the contact us section and allow us to reach you.

13. What methods of payment can I use?

GeekShore's acceptable mode of payment is through credit card or e-check. You are required to pay through our secured gateway. The payment amount is based on the plan you choose. After the payment is processed you are registered as GeekShore's customer and will avail our technical support as desired by you.

14. What are the different types of plans you provide?

GeekShore provides two types of plans, pay per incident plan (incidental) and subscription-based plan (yearly).